Williams Grove Speedway, Racing in banked speedway, how to drive in mud

Williams Grove Speedway

For an unrivaled and unique sprint experience, a great choice is the Williams Grove Speedway. This banked, half mile speedway boasts motor speeds easily surpassing 100 miles per hour. The track is located inĀ Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Having opened in May, 1939, the track has hosted numerous prestigious events.

Operating Schedule

Now coming up to its 77th year of operation, the Williams Grove Speedway sees races happening each Friday between the months of March and October. Of note is the hosting of the World of Outlaws National Open. This is a massive race that sees the winner earn more than $200,000. For this and more, tickets can be bought for anything between $15 and $45.

Things To Do In And Around Williams Grove Speedway

Williams Grove Speedway
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The beauty of a day out at the Williams Grove Speedway is the variety of attractions and things to do over and above the race, which is the main attraction. Some places of interest to look out for are as below.

  1. Williams Grove Farmers Flea market: A great place to find lots of bric a brac, used and new.
  2. United States Army Heritage and Education Center: Great learning experience for the patriotic
  3. Roundtop Mountain Resort: Fun destination for the whole family
  4. Haars Drive In Theater: Wonderful place for old school drive in experience.

Racing Categories

Williams Grove Speedway, Sprint Car
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Depending on what you are interested in, there are a variety of racing categories to choose from at the Williams Grove Speedway. Some of the more popular categories include big cars, jalopies and stock cars. This wide selection also encompasses mainstream variants such as street stocks, super modifieds and sprint cars.

Above all, sprint cars bring in the largest amount of visitors and thrills. With major races happening regularly in the period between March and October, there is always something for everyone.