How to drive in mud, open wheel car, dirt track racing

Dirt Track Racing

While it doesn’t often get its name high on the circuit ranks, dirt track racing is probably one of the most exhilarating sport in North America. This type of racing is performed round an oval track and is quite widespread, especially in the USA. The sport combines the power of tuned engines with unrelenting, muddy terrain, to deliver an electrifying experience.

Types Of Vehicles Used

A major appeal when it comes to this sort of racing comes in the variety of cars that can be used to compete. While there are a few variants, all dirt track racing has one thing in common, the driver has to have a good appreciation of his vehicle and the track.

Open – Wheel Race Car

How to drive in mud, open wheel car, dirt track racing
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This type of vehicle is made up of a structure in which the wheels are outside of the body frame, typically having one seat. On the contrary, other race car varieties have fenders to cover and protect the wheels. Usually open-wheel race cars integrate a higher level of technology with the apex of this category being formula one cars.

Due to their light body construction and aerodynamic design, these vehicles are usually capable of breakneck acceleration and high sustained speeds. There are also different types of open-wheel cars such as:

  • Midget sprint cars
  • Non-wing sprint cars
  • Quarter midgets
  • Karts.

These have different power levels and differ in technical sophistication. 

Sprint Cars

Williams Grove Speedway, Racing in banked speedway, how to drive in mud
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Another popular vehicle choice when it comes to dirt track racing is the sprint car. These are essentially the quickest and most high powered cars on the track. The heightened risk and danger that comes with driving such vehicles make it an absolute necessity to keep alert not only for the unpredictable muddy terrain, but also other drivers.

The body styling is very aerodynamic with any non-essential body part that might retard speed being discarded. An iconic wing shape defines the cars’ rear, meant to enhance down-force, so as to keep it firmly on its four wheels.

Two popular variants are :

  • Winged sprint cars
  • Silver crown cars

Stock Cars

how to drive in mud, dirt race track
Image Source: Wikimedia

No conversation about dirt track racing would be complete without mentioning stock cars. Contrary to the first two, these depend on brawn and muscle rather than lightweight bodies and aerodynamics. Stock car racing is quite an affair, filled with bumping, scraping and high octane charges.

This vehicle class is very popular, owing to the fact that entry requirements are not as stringent. One can pick up a salvage car from the junkyard and have it race-ready with just a few modifications. A roll cage, working understanding of the vehicle’s modifications and power are crucial.

The above – mentioned are just but a few of the various cars one can expect to see at a dirt track race. Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned fan, experiencing a full-on race, such as the Williams Grove Speedway will give anyone a new appreciation for the absolute thrill that is dirt track racing.