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All Season Tires for Off Roading

The rise in popularity and variety of SUVs and crossover vehicles has seen more drivers venturing out of the urban confines, for camping, over-landing and other related activities. While this has opened new doors for adventure and experiences, this type of off-road driving comes with its own set of challenges. From time to time, off-road excursions will land one in differing weather conditions, from snow-laced road surfaces to rocky outcrops in sand – covered landscapes. As such, it is both economical and ideal to fit a good set of all season tires for off roading. In purchasing all season off-road …

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How to drive in mud, mud driving, 4x4 offroad

How To Drive In Mud

Featured image source: Joint Base Andrews Whether you are a seasoned mud fanatic, handling a dedicated 4 wheeler or a novice making your first foray into the mud driving scene, there are standard measures to follow. In either case, it is imperative that one knows how to drive in mud. While a shallow puddle may be easily dealt with, wading in deep and soft mud requires extra caution. The dynamics of driving in mud are vastly different from what one would experience on dry surfaces. To make life easier, one can look at the following provisions. Easy Does It As …

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How to drive in mud, open wheel car, dirt track racing

Dirt Track Racing

While it doesn’t often get its name high on the circuit ranks, dirt track racing is probably one of the most exhilarating sport in North America. This type of racing is performed round an oval track and is quite widespread, especially in the USA. The sport combines the power of tuned engines with unrelenting, muddy terrain, to deliver an electrifying experience. Types Of Vehicles Used A major appeal when it comes to this sort of racing comes in the variety of cars that can be used to compete. While there are a few variants, all dirt track racing has one …

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Williams Grove Speedway, Racing in banked speedway, how to drive in mud

Williams Grove Speedway

For an unrivaled and unique sprint experience, a great choice is the Williams Grove Speedway. This banked, half mile speedway boasts motor speeds easily surpassing 100 miles per hour. The track is located inĀ Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA. Having opened in May, 1939, the track has hosted numerous prestigious events. Operating Schedule Now coming up to its 77th year of operation, the Williams Grove Speedway sees races happening each Friday between the months of March and October. Of note is the hosting of the World of Outlaws National Open. This is a massive race that sees the winner earn more than $200,000. …

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